Add any kind of content, Any Time You Want !

What You See Is What You Get

You can add any kind of content to Any Page! You can be as creative as you want! You can even write your own HTML Code. Easily Add Videos, Images, Links, Tables, anything you want! Change text sizes, text colours, text alignment on your page and more!

Bootstrap Ready

All Themes are Bootstrap Ready! If you are confident enough to use the HTML Code editor instead of the WYSIWYG Editor, you can simply add your Rows, Columns and content right onto the page editor and it will all work and look perfect!

Adding Images

Adding Content such as images to your page is super easy! all you have to do is click the image icon on the editor and a dialogue will open asking for your link. What link? I hear you say.. Well simply upload an image to your media library, then get the handy provided link, now you can use this link anywhere on your page using the editor and it will show your image.

Adding Video

Want to share a Youtube Video? Easy! Just grab the video url from Youtube, now Click the video Icon on the editor and paste your Video Link. Thats it, you now have a video embedded into your page! You can also embed Vimeo and other Video providers videos too the same way!

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