Creating a Gallery Has Never Been So Easy

Gallery Manager

We all love showing off our Images, sometimes it can be a hassle with over complicated gallery managers. Dashbar’s Simple Gallery Manager lets you do only what you should, ‘Upload Images!’, the clever system takes care of everything else!

Zero Configuration

Dashbar will ensure your Gallery Page and images look perfect for your viewers. The system automatically recognises if you create a page and name it Gallery. Then any Images uploaded into your Dashbar Gallery Manager will appear on this page automatically, zero configuration!

You also get the same cool features as the Media Library such as deleting images and the cool clickable link to allow you to use certain images elsewhere throughout your site with the link.

Viewing Pleasure

Your Website Visitors won’t have to click each individual image in your gallery thanks to the Lightbox feature. You can click any image to open the light box, then simply scroll through all the images in the gallery.

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