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Manage Entire Website

Easily manage every aspect of your site from Dashbar

Manage Your Pages

Add New Pages to your website with a single click

Mange Your Files

Easily manage all of your website files from Dashbar

Manage Your Style

Change the look of your entire website in a single click

The Power Is In the Bar

Dashbar unlocks the power of your website! No more calls to a developer to edit your site, Dashbar lets you manage every aspect of your website, from Content, Pages, Menu, Files, Images, Styling and more!

Simply Install on your server, Login and Dashbar appears just above your website, giving you 100% control of everything!

With Dashbar you can Edit Your Website Content Live on the page

Changing content on your website just got awesome with Dashbar! Once you have added dashbar to your web server, you can then Simply click on any page of your website and edit the content live on screen, and that's it! There is no Save Button, your website is saved as soon as you stop editing!

Dashbar comes PACKED with FREE Themes

You can use any of the included professionally designed themes for your website and edit it however you want. You can apply a new theme anytime you want, within seconds you can have a brand new looking website! Easily build your own theme and upload it through Dashbar or you can simply adapt your current HTML website template to incorporate Dashbar.

Goodbye FTP! Hello Dashbar Media Library!

Dashbar Includes a Media Library allowing you to Upload any kind of file right to your server and use the file in your site with the provided link! You can also preview and delete the files here too all from within Dashbar!

FREE Custom Plugins to Supercharge your website!

Dashbar comes with Custom Plugins that really enhance your website! Everything from Fully Responsive Banner Slider, Custom Mailchimp Signup Form, Instagram Slider and more. You can use none of them or all of them, you can even build and include your own easily!

Managing Your Gallery has never been so Easy

Dashbar's simple yet powerful gallery system allows you to easily upload any image and it will display perfectly and automatically on your gallery page with Lightbox integration for easy viewing!

Export & Backup your whole site in a single click!

Dashbar allows you to export your entire site and automatically creates a Zip folder with your Website Backup in your Dashbar Media Library for you to download. Easily manage Administrator Password Login Details from a Clean, Simple Interface.

Tons Of Settings To Customise Every Aspect Of Your Site!

Manage Your Site Logo, Company Details, Social Networks, Banner Slider, Your Mailchimp Signup Form, Instagram Slider, Google Analytics and more all from within Dashbar's Simple, elegant, yet powerful interface.


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How to Install & Use Dashbar

1. Add Dashbar onto your Web Host Server
2. You're Done! were you expecting more steps?

Dashbar does not need a database, special installation instructions, or anything else, it just works!

Upload Dashbar To Your Server

Simply upload the Dashbar Package to your server.

Watch the Magic Happen

Now visit your Domain Name and see the Magic.

Love Your Website Again!

You now have full control of your whole website.

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